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Bike That Matches Your Style CB150F !!میں تے ہنڈا ای لے ساں Special Edition THE BEST CHOICE AMONG ALL BIKES CB-250F

Spare Parts

Genuine parts you need for your motorcycle, you can always give us a call or visit us, we will be there at your service, Always buy Honda Motorcycles genuine parts.


AL-Jabran Enterprises affiliation with Atlas Honda Limited is over 55 Years. Our second generation is striving to promote all the successful, durable, and time tested models of Honda Motorcycles. Our expertise beside sales also touches the new horizons such as Government/Corporate Supplies, credit sale, model exchange, credit card acceptance and the state of the art facilities at our 3S dealership.


Our Honda trained/certified mechanics are eager to serve you whether its a oil changing, service, tuning or repair. Our services will match no one. We can offer discounts to corporate. Mechanics at Al-Jabran Enterprises will always welcome you with a smile.

Expertise in Financing/Leasing and Corporate/Government Supplies …


We are Trusted Name in Honda Motorcycle since 1964

When you’re investing, you make sure your motorcycle stays in great working order for years to come, you need knowledge and skill you can count on. Our highly trained technicians and dedicated sales team are always there to serve you. At Al-Jabran Enterprises we are a team of enthusiasts, and we treat our customers like a family.

As a 3S Dealer we know the real need of our customers, whether its an exchange , installments or Corporate/Government supplies.

Our team of onsite service and repair experts are here to demystify the question of how to maintain your bike by providing comprehensive, and more important routine maintenance to riders.

Of course, there are also times when bigger fixes are needed., and when they are, our team is also standing by to perform any such repairs in a timely fashion. Whatever your bike needs, Al-Jabran Enterprises has you covered. Safety standards are our prime objective. Please learn more from our sales staff.

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Genuine Honda MotorcycleSpare Parts

To get the parts you need for your motorcycle, you can always give us a call or visit us.. We will make sure that maximum satisfaction should be provided to our great customers. We can also deliver you the required genuine spare parts at your home across the country. (courier charges will be applied.)


Our Honda certified mechanic is eager to serve you at our well equipped service center. Now we can also entertain our respectable customers related to claim, as per the Honda's existing policy.

ExchangeOld Motorcycles

You don't have to worry in upgrading your Honda Motorcycle (any model), just visit us and we will evaluate and buy your old bike at a market prevailing rate and within moments you can ride home on a brand new Honda Motorcycle.

Bikes onInstallments

Our various in-house or through Financial Institutions, we can arrange/ workout to get you a new Honda Motorcycle on a lease through monthly installments. For further detail please call or visit.

Always buy Honda Motorcycles and their genuine spare parts for Durability. Please Follow the instructions specially related to maintenance as provided in the Manual. Wear standard helmet while Riding.

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₨292,900.00 , CG125S GOLD
₨497,900.00 , CB150-F Special Edition
₨282,900.00 , CG 125 Self

About Al-Jabran Enterprises

We are a Trusted Name in Industry

Why don't you pay us a Visit! At Al-Jabran Enterprises, our goal is to exceed your expectations at all times. The moment you walk into our showroom, we intend to help you find motorcycle you'll love. But, our relationship doesn't end there. Once you ride your bike, you want to make sure that you get as much good use of out of it as possible. That's where our service and repair center comes in. If you buy or lease a motorcycle from us, you're getting quality maintenance with certified parts that are also available for purchase. Basically, you'll know your motorcycle is in good hands, from beginning to end. You're also in good hands with our team of lease and loan specialists. They take the stress out of the situation and work to make sure you have a pleasurable experience. So, what's the quickest and easiest way to experience this unmatched service? Al-Jabran Enterprises can easily be contacted online or by phone/visit. We're are always happy to chat about used motorcycles and answer any questions you might have. Our 55 Years of experience talks for itself. Its our specialty towards Government supplies / Corporate sales is our main streams. Our environmental friendly showroom is looking forward to greet you.

  • 55+ Years in Business
    Al-Jabran Enterprises is serving its happy customers for more than 55Years now. Why don't you become apart of our family too.
  • Trusted by Buyers
    Our Buyers have faith in us, which makes us responsible for keeping their trust and provide them the best of our services under the 3S umbrella..
  • Durability
    Honda Motorcycle is the life partner if you follow the services manual properly. Durability give us the edge on our competitors.


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At Al-Jabran Enterprises, our goal is to exceed your expectations at all times. The moment you walk into our showroom, we intend to help you to find motorcycle you'll love.
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At Al-Jabran Enterprises, our goal is to exceed your expectations at all times.