Raya App: The Secret iPhone Dating App (You’re Not Allowed On)

Raya App: The Secret iPhone Dating App (You’re Not Allowed On)

Ever wondered exactly how superstars and highly successful people connect up? Some use Tinder, but a great deal of them utilize the exclusive relationship app, Raya…

Ever wondered if highly successful people, like celebrities and such, have their particular exclusive social networking outside of Twitter and Instagram?

Turns out they are doing; it is called Raya which is fundamentally like Tinder-meets-Facebook, just for highly successful people and a-listers.

Were only available in 2015, Raya is an exclusive account myspace and facebook. It costs $7.99 30 days and it is just available on Apple’s iOS platform – so iPad, iPhone, and touch that is iPod. And you also probably won’t manage to join. Why? Because such as the freemasons, it’s pretty exclusive. You’ll just join if introduced by the user that is existing you’re invited because of the platform to participate.

The owners of Raya USUALLY DO NOT market. They even explain inform each of its users not to promote the working platform, speak about it, or share screenshots regarding the application online. It’s all very secretive as I said. As company models get, Raya’s is basically gold – you have got a lot of A-Listers, movie movie stars, and a-listers under one roof.

Highly successful people on Raya App:

  • Ben Affleck
  • Channing Tatum
  • Joe Jonas
  • Demi Lovato
  • Nicole Byer
  • Keke Palmer
  • Sharon Rock
  • Moby
  • Lily Allen
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Matthew Perry
  • Raven-SymonГ©
  • Jack Whitehall
  • Niall Horan
  • Emily Atack
  • Emma Watson
  • Tom Felton
  • Whitney Cummings
  • Nikki Glaser
  • Bob Saget

That’s like one thing directly out of a marketer’s dream that is wet. Up to now, Raya has produced huge amount of money in investment and money. But there’s still very little understood about the business; it does not have a profile on CrunchBase. Even though it did acquire Chime movie a couple of years right back. Besides that, Raya is more or less an unknown entity – and I also believe that’s what sort of business would like to stay.

How Do You Join Raya? Will There Be A Secret Handshake?

You don’t need a master’s comprehension of Kabbalah, nor should you understand any handshakes that are secret. Nevertheless the requirements so you can get accepted in Raya is pretty darn steep. A LOT of Instagram followers – anywhere from 10,000 to 250,000, though 250,000 and higher is better for starters, you’ll need.

Got the supporters? Great. So Now you have to use. And that’s not really simple; either you have to invited by an current user or invited by the platform it self. Once you’ve an invite, you’ll then have to submit and essay on why you imagine you ought to be permitted to develop into a right component for the Raya community. Evidently human being sacrifices are not necessary, evidently, making sure that’s something.

Starting Your Raya Profile

In the chance that is off ensure it is, the next matter you have to do is set-up your Raya profile.

This task is pretty easy, but, and involves picking a lot of your Instagram articles ( there will show up on your profile’s wall surface) and then choosing some music that performs when some one views your profile. The concept listed here is easy: transforming just what you’re about, everything you like, and what kind of jams you love.

Speaking about Raya and what it is short for, the company’s COO Jared Morgenstern told Tech-Crunch the annotated following: “Raya is a software application for presenting you to definitely individuals who can transform your lifetime. Soho House makes use of real space, we’re wanting to utilize pc computer software.”

As well as on the topic of Raya community rules, he included: “This is a romantic community with zero-tolerance for disrespect or mean-spirited behavior. Be good to one another. Say hello like grownups.”

This means no sleaze, no cheesy pick-up lines. Raya is wanting to produce a secure, albeit prohibitively exclusive spot for like-minded individuals to satisfy and collaborate. And just like the freemasons, it’s comprised of similar kinds of people – rich, influential people – so it’s a good destination to make connections and swim along with other prospective influencers.

Exactly what if you’re a bum that is poor doesn’t have social media marketing supporters and can’t develop a twirly mustache? Well, you’re variety of away from luck. Raya is about exclusivity, and also you can’t have exclusivity without maintaining the riffraff away. Just like a nation club, the kind of both you and we are surplus to requirements, therefore, for the time being, we’re stuck along with the rest regarding the proletariat on Tinder and Instagram.

Raya Connects You To Definitely Individuals Literally Around The Part

Operating a unique dating/meet-up software which has less users has several distinct advantages over a mass-market item like Tinder. And Raya utilizes this to its benefit. The software comes with A gps-powered function that demonstrates to you other Raya users which can be nearby. After that you can view their profile and, if you prefer the look of these and their music tastes, you are able to achieve and link, possibly go and obtain a green juice together or something like that?

Tinder cannot try this. It’s a lot of users; a function such as this on Tinder will be infinitely creepier and weird. Having less users permits Raya to introduce features similar to this since it has more control and visibility over who’s which consists of solutions. The theory right here to assist locals find and produce communities of their current communities – you know, just with all the current plebs and unsightly individuals.

You Need To Be When You Look At The Right Location To Use This Secret iPhone Dating App…

To allow Raya to really work, you have to be found in the right type of spot thing that is or nyc, maybe maybe maybe not a small little town 100 kilometers outside Chicago. You can easily nevertheless join if you live into the sticks, Raya is not restricted to places that are certain countries, or locales. You’ll just get way more out from it if you’re in destination like Los Angeles and ny, as that is where all of the stars, influencers, and shot-callers reside.

And if you would like attempt to join Raya, you can certainly do therefore by pressing here.

Or, if you’d prefer a viable option to Tinder which takes a more focussed, holistic method of conference and dating like-minded individuals, and does not require an essay before you join, check always out Do U Like – it is a very great relationship software, particularly if you’re bored of Tinder and all sorts of the typical internet dating haunts.

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